The United States invaded Iraq on March 19, 2003 on the pretext that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. The mass destruction of the invasion, occupation, and civil war followed, and amplified the societal and health disintegration caused by the previous decade of sanctions. Iraqi lives and communities continue to be war-devastated eleven years on. Direct and indirect deaths of civilians and migratory flight from the violence on a mass scale have emptied families and neighborhoods. Health care and educational institutions and political life remain deeply impoverished. American military and contractor families struggle with the loss of loved ones as well as the emotional and economic burdens of living with long-term injuries and illnesses. Total US federal spending associated with the Iraq war has been $1.7 trillion through FY2013, with an additional $2 billion allocated for Iraq spending to State and Defense Departments for FY2014, and US arms sales continuing to further militarize Iraq. In addition, future health and disability payments for veterans will total $590 billion and interest accrued to pay for the war will add up to $3.9 trillion. (For sources, please see bottom of Costs of War Project home page.)

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